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05-22-2013, 03:15 PM
I'm not sure why its hard to believe. I recently switch from eng to a tac (which by the way an eng can have nearly 125 in all systems now) and with my low rep, no rep gear, and poorly optimized build, I was able to have 125 in both weapon and shield with roughly 70 engines. Granted its an excelsior but the points lost in dropping EPtS2 is made up for by escort weapon power somewhat. I have actually dropped EPtW1 x2 for EPtE1 x2. Now with the same loadout I am sitting at 123 weapon and 117 shield and 90 something engines using EPtX cycling. If I was to get myself a 0-point, a proper warp core and some rep gear, I see this as totally plausible.

I am curious how you are getting there without EPtW though.

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