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05-22-2013, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
So, you're including your power levels with abilities? Because, I don't have power levels anywhere near that, and I run max skill points in most of the power skills.

9 in Warp Core Efficiency/Potential, Shield Performance, Weapon Performance
6 in Engine Performance
0 in Aux Performance

My power levels run at 125/74/52/40.

I'm curious to know what yours runs at without your EPtX abilities.
Well without EPtX1, subtract 18, EPtX2 is 22 and EPtX3 is 30? I think those are the numbers but I cannot check at work as the firewall here thinks STO Wiki is a porn site

Anyway, take 22 from shield power and 18 from engine and you're lookin at roughly the same numbers you got.

When I was running EPtW1 and EPtS3 on my eng pre-LoR, my power levels were set to 85 weapon and 75 (I think) shield.

Each of these builds are vulnerable to sub nukes though, but that's what you save EM for I suppose