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05-22-2013, 06:07 PM
Because of me being on the bottom of the world and the servers probably being on the top, i get to wait to about 5:00 PM and then the queue is nonexistant/nonexistent.

And so i get to play for a couple hours without a queue, so i decided to play the mission ''The Helix'' and then i essentially finished it, but then when kaiyan came up to thank me blah blah blah i pressed the only option and it doesn't work. after moving the window i notice that the server stopped responding.

That seemed okay but as soon as it finished i tried to press the only option, it didn't work, and then it went back to server not responding. It did this probably about 5-30 or so times before the server finally gave up and booted me. And so i tried to rejoin, but i got to the character select screen and then the character was not loading so i couldn't use him. So i logged out and back in and then it said that it couldn't load the list of characters (Note that the 2 times that i tried to rejoin the logging-in-loading-things took way longer then it is supposed to). And so i stopped playing for the day, to wake up today and go on the forums to notice that the queue rose from the dead again...I havent played again today to check if it actually counted.