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Originally Posted by crasym View Post
Don't follow your reasoning. My Romulan KDF aligned has access to every kdf ship that my klingon does. Being Romulan just allows for MORE ship choices, any romulan ship or any ship allowed by the faction that character is allied with.
As stated no tier 5 which means the only carrier not from a lockbox the Romulans have accrss to and only if KDF allied, are the Dacoit at Subcommander and the Corsair at Captain.

The Orion Maurader Flight Deck Carrier, the Voque, the Mirror Voque, the Karfi, the Orion Retrofit Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser, the Fleet Voque, and the Orion Fleet Retrofit Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser are all forbidden to the Romulans, which leaves over priced Recluse and Jem'hadar carriers for the Romulans and far from thematic forvthe faction, and ironic, given that the Scimtar's fighters have been in the game for awhile now.