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05-22-2013, 07:46 PM
Text of the commencement address for Klingon Command Academy, class of 2409
Guest Speaker: General of the Empire Khemaraa Iron Hand.

If your cause is just, then glory and honor in battle will be yours. This is the touchstone of what it is to be a ships captain of the Klingon Defence Force. If there is no justice to the cause, and righteousness is lacking, then all you have is duty. Such duty suffered by a warrior lacks honor or grace. No celebration will await you arrival in Grethor, only the chain binding you to Malors side, a slave for eternity chained to the barge of the damded will await you.

A warrior might serve all thier days and never once find themselves in battle, yet still they might have honor measured by the results of thier duty and service. Yet out there, with the light of distance suns shining apon the hull of ones ships, in the lonely parsecs of space between worlds, warriors serve as the the shield of thier people. Keeping home and heath from harm.

Warriors are first and formost defenders. Many that serve call them selves warriors but they are no more then soldiers serving without question or from base desires for acclaim, and the roar of the crowd.

War is a terrible thing, and yet warriors must stand ready to embrace it in all its terror and magnificence. It can be glorious, but many that fight never see the face of the enemy. They battle deep with in the hull of thier ship. Thier weapons the consoles, tools, and controls they handle. Thier sword the workings of knowledge and technical excellence. Thier enemy is battle it's self and the damage it causes. And if they do not persevere then a ship and all lives abourd might perish, along with all the hopes and dreams they carry with them. They serve the ship. Yet thier honor is as great as any warrior that ever crosses blades with the enemy or directs the frightening powers of modern weapons against a foe between the stars.

For the Klingon battle is glorious. But more glorious is battles end. For only then can the tales be told, and the songs sung. Only then can the cup be raised in salute to those that did not survive. Then does the true work begin.

In the fertile soil of hundreds of worlds Klingons have battled and died giving thier blood to lands claimed for the glory of the empire.

Some say the Klingon are oppressors. Ask the Gorn. Ask the Orion, or the Lethian, or any other peoples and races that now serve beside the Klingons of the Empire how oppressed they are. Ask how it is they command ships of the Klingon Defence Force if thier people are oppressed. One never trusts what is ground under ones heel.

Klingons do not trust easily for they know the universe to be a hostile and inimicable place. But once that trust is given, it is given with few reservations at all but the very highest levels of the Empire government. At that level politics enters play, and no politician truely trusts another politician.

Yes, there are acceptions to all that is stated. That is the way of the universe. There is no black or white. Only infinite shades between them. And that is the challange of the warrior. To find the path. The road of Honor. For only then can glory be found.

Find it warriors, and your praises will be sung around the fires of the people for a thousand years. Find it, and you will be remembered with Khalass. Find it not, and only the naked stars will have a memory of you, and even that will dim and be forgotten in time.

But we of the Klingon recall the great monsters also. Those whose cause was unjust, and lack righteousness. Remember General Chang, who would have made dishonorable war in league with agents of the federation out of fear that the heart of the Klingon could not survive what was to come. Who's pride was too weak a thing to accept aid from an enemy when all was at risk. Remember Duras who accepted aid from the Tal'shiar to point a knife at the empire's naked back for mere personal power's sake.

And remember the Hero's. And those that would be hero's such as the grandson of the House of Duras who today works with singulars vigor to maintain the honor of the empire and there by return honor to his house.

We are the Klingon Defence Forces. We are warriors, and we come from a thousand worlds and hundreds of races. We battle to preserve our worlds, our peoples, and our cultures. The way of the Federation is not our way. We are fractious, we argue and battle world against world, house against house, warrior against warrior. For, if what is yours, if worthy, is it not worth fighting for? Even in defeat, a warrior can still claim victory if his opponent respects why they fight.. And such a victory carries the greatest honor of all.

Shortly this ritual, and this address will and. You will each go forth. Some to a final seasoning as a first officer under a senior captain. Others to your first command. Some to additional technical training. Some of you are caught up in politics already, and games of... power. Most are not. But heed my words. You will at some point in your career face a choice to fight when you should not, or to refuse a fight that must be fought. The Klingon Defence Forces have served this empire for centuries. There is great tradition, and much wisdon buried in the battle histoires and record of patrols and missions. It is wise to know of them. But wiser still to know your own heart and mind. It will be utterly crucial to be right, and to act from right action. Your life and the lives and honor of your ship, your crew, and the worlds we defend depend on it. Some of you may be so unfortunate as to have to face the decision to sacrifice your lives, your ships, and the lives of other to preserve and defend so much more. I trust, we all trust you will make the right decision when that time comes.

This address ends. You are dimissed to report to your next assign duty.
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