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05-22-2013, 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by dam999 View Post
APA + APOIII + FOMM + GDF = dead engineer

APOIII + EPS = amused tacscort
Well GDF only activates at 50% hull these days... so you should be able to see that one coming a mile away... not that you couldn't before... but lots of bad pilots would just pop it right away.

FOMM you should be clearing almost instantly... if the tac is really really smart he can have it on you for 5s until your second tac team is up.

In any event bottom line is ... this game is NOT balanced around 1v1s. Its balanced around team play... in that arena the engi could use some buffs... however what ever team buffs the engi has... it will still never be the idea class for 1v1ing if that is really what you are trying to do. Engi is a support class by design... the very idea of being a "tank" class, (which does not and will never exist in PvP) makes it support first.

As much as It pains me to say it... engi escort has been a bad idea for 2 years now... it worked for a short while when self heals where not near as good as they are now. As it is there is nothing Cryptic will be able to do ever that will make engi on par in terms of killing power in a 1v1... having said that Engi Carriers and Engi Cruisers should almost NEVER die in a 1v1... granted they are unlikely to ever win either... the engi is the zombie class of the game.

Honesty its by design so there is really no point in complaining about it any more. I think everyone supports some team buff changes to make them a viable team member again... however I don't think anyone is worried about buffing there captain skills to add self damage to make them more viable in 1v1s. Really if you want to win 1v1s... Role your own tak so you can dogfight with other players which is in fact fun... or role a Sci and win every single 1v1 you want to do.