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If sci and tac can have 1vs1 then an eng should have an option to be as competitive. Why would someone take that aspect away from the engineer class? Everyone should have approximately the same chance of winning the PVP. Only the path should be different in which tac would rely on brute force, sci on gadgets and eng, well, on modifications of this and that. You can't say to engineers, sorry but you are a huge pinata, that's just wrong and unbalanced.
No one ever took it away from them... it was always 100% a bad option. Engi has never been a good class to one v one with.

Its the same in every game... you can't go into any Fantasy MMO and take a tank into a 1v1 and expect to really win against a PvP built DPS or CC class.

Its the design... Cryptic wants engi to = tank... so for that reason alone they are always going ot be the weakest option for 1v1s. So I'm not trying to be mean... but if 1v1 is your preference for PvP game play you honestly really need to role a tac or a sci. Sci is honestly the best 1v1 class hands down... if thats your thing role a sci.
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