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05-22-2013, 11:02 PM
Eve was a great example, I was thinking of it.

With his comment, he was owned by said mauler packs probably in low sec.
He probably rage quit the game after being owned repeatedly, His poor lil ferox.

Truth is, Eve has some of the worst game play with it comes to gank > single ownage.
Or Pros > newbs in pvp.
space station camping is a great example. Many people undoubtedly left the game
over this, or their corps. But the truth is the ones that left the game when they
could of just left corp in the matter of a day could of easily avoided quitting.

No pvp content no matter how broken has ever left to the destruction of a game,
rather it only leads to a decline of about 2% population, maybe 5% in extremely
poorly designed games.

Open world pvp on the other hand is a way to draw many people into this game
even ones that are not so star-trek loving. That is a Win for the players, its a win
for the pvp aspect of the game, and its a win for the company to find ways to
make money off of it.