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Impulse Cell and Nadeon Detonator were already in lockboxes. Transwarp Computer, I admit I thought it was limited to the T3 Excelsior, but I looked up and see I was incorrect. Wide-angle, yeah that seems fair somewhere, or maybe give the Klingons a wide-angle photon or something for local flavor (I like photons better anyways).

As for 'advantages of Federation ships,' I have to go 'huh?' though. Feds have more variety and fleet discounts definitely, no argument there. But superior ships? I just don't see it beyond a few percent advantage here, a few percent drawback there.

The Vesta is definitely a superior science ship, but against the rest the Varanus stacks up just fine. (And lets be honest, this is science we're talking about.) There's also the Voquv vs the Atrox, which stack pretty evenly and comes down to pet preference. Then there's the Karfi which is unlike anything Fed side. Cruisers, KDF battlecruiser knock the stuffing out of their Fed counterparts with comparable boff layouts, hulls, and shielding, but superior power distribution and maneuverability with no drawbacks.

Then there's escorts, where hulls shields and maneuverability are about the same, but Feds do have a lot more variety in layouts available. However, Klingons also get the BoP which has any layout you want and the only Federation 'counterpart' is the joke Aquarius. There IS the Kumari with its 5 forward weapons, but what it pays for those, every one of my fleetmates who bought the thing went back to what they were driving earlier, and they're much better escort pilots than I so I'll trust their judgement on that ship. The only real escort difference left then is the 5th tac console (which amounts to what 5% more damage?) versus cloaking devices. One allows a little more pressure damage but always works (though costs you a console somewhere else), the other is finicky but when it does work grants complete tactical initiative.

So science is close with Feds having 1 better ship. Carriers go to Klingons. Cruisers go to Klingons. Multipurpose ships go to Klingons. Escorts are close with the Feds having a slight edge that could be fixed with another release or two for better BOFF seating. And thats not even bringing up the extras in consoles or cloaks, which is another all-around KDF advantage, major or minor a bonus as they may be, but a separate discussion. So whats the 'superiority' that I'm missing, because I don't see it?
Hull, shielding, power, weapons. To get the imbalance you're referencing, you have to be comparing T5 KDF to T4 Feds, esp. on the sci-ships, the Varanus is about equal to the "Free" fed-ship one tier lower in every respect except number of weapons hardpoints, the KDF BC's ARE nice, but they lack sci ship support, have inferior shielding, and thinner hulls, the Bird of Prey is multipurpose-and the easiest ship in the game to kill, Raptors suffer a major handicap in how their turn-pivot is mapped rendering 'book numbers' only a quarter of the story when comparing them to same-or-lower tier Fed vessels in the same class.

Cloak? takes a lot of practice and work to make it an asset, instead of a handicap-some fed players who've been under the misconception that it's a major asset that requires no skill (i.e. overpowered) are going to find out the hard way on their Romulans that it's actually pretty easy to get decloaked and killed by the other side, or brought down to nothing on your hull by simple, expedient things like minefields and warp plasma.

of course, this will be a much, much gentler lesson than if they rolled a KDF toon and spent more than a couple passes in PvP against feds who know what they're doing, because the rommie ships at least have decent hulls. One of the best measures of how good or bad a console is, is how many people in the originating faction use it on a regular basis.

The Emissions Seeker is almost never used by Feds, the Plasmonic Leech is used extensively by KDF players, esp. on vessels like the Bird of Prey-which is, I reiterate, the softest, easiest kill in the game, and comes on a ship that costs MORE than the Emissions seeker does.

The tech-transfer is unbalanced. THAT is the problem.
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