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05-23-2013, 12:29 AM
I'm having the Random Rommie Snapping too. Happens ingame, happens when alt+tabbed out of the game, happens when I have the ingame master volume and every other volume slider set to 0, happens when I have the digital processing turned off, happens when I have voice chat turned off. Every single audio option can be turned right off and the snapping won't stop. It's driving me crazy.

I have determined that it is a game bug, because when I alt+tab out and go to my windows volume control (speaker icon in the bottom right corner) and hit mixer it actually shows Star Trek Online and every time the pop happens it flashes on the STO volume meter.

Edit: I just reloaded the game and the snapping stopped until I ran a ground mission. Something in combat (I think it was one of my BO skills) triggered the snapping, but as soon as combat ended one of my BOs pulled out a tribble and the snapping stopped. Can anyone else test this?

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