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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Hull, shielding, power, weapons. To get the imbalance you're referencing, you have to be comparing T5 KDF to T4 Feds, esp. on the sci-ships, the Varanus is about equal to the "Free" fed-ship one tier lower in every respect except number of weapons hardpoints, the KDF BC's ARE nice, but they lack sci ship support, have inferior shielding, and thinner hulls, the Bird of Prey is multipurpose-and the easiest ship in the game to kill, Raptors suffer a major handicap in how their turn-pivot is mapped rendering 'book numbers' only a quarter of the story when comparing them to same-or-lower tier Fed vessels in the same class.

Cloak? takes a lot of practice and work to make it an asset, instead of a handicap-some fed players who've been under the misconception that it's a major asset that requires no skill (i.e. overpowered) are going to find out the hard way on their Romulans that it's actually pretty easy to get decloaked and killed by the other side, or brought down to nothing on your hull by simple, expedient things like minefields and warp plasma.

of course, this will be a much, much gentler lesson than if they rolled a KDF toon and spent more than a couple passes in PvP against feds who know what they're doing, because the rommie ships at least have decent hulls. One of the best measures of how good or bad a console is, is how many people in the originating faction use it on a regular basis.

The Emissions Seeker is almost never used by Feds, the Plasmonic Leech is used extensively by KDF players, esp. on vessels like the Bird of Prey-which is, I reiterate, the softest, easiest kill in the game, and comes on a ship that costs MORE than the Emissions seeker does.

The tech-transfer is unbalanced. THAT is the problem.

Varanus T5

Deep Space Science Vessel T5
Damn near identical

Vor'cha Retrofit T5
Assault Cruiser T5
Real close, same shields and boffs and consoles. Assault cruiser has 3k more hull and another device. Vor'cha has the cloak, momentum, and 43% better turning.

As for 'roll a Klingon,' lots of people have and have tried this stuff. I've got 3, have flown all types from Hegh'tas to Vo'quvs to my flagship Fleet Tor'kaht, and they're a hell of a lot easier to use and much more lethal than anything I have Fed side. Like 95% of the game I don't PVP, in my case because I don't care, I don't like aggressive people, and I'd much rather just build stuff. Also means I've never been decloaked and when I use it in story missions it always lets me choose when, where, and how a fight starts, and I enjoy that advantage. Might be unnecessary but its fun, which is my priority. There are in fact people who play KDF side without being Klingon Players.

The tech transfer is unbalanced because the tech distribution is unbalanced. Some people seem to have this pride in seeing themselves as the oppressed and noble underdog in all things, but its just not there. Population yes, cstore and fleets yes. Other than that.....

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