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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post

Varanus T5

Deep Space Science Vessel T5
Damn near identical

Vor'cha Retrofit T5
Assault Cruiser T5
Real close, same shields and boffs and consoles. Assault cruiser has 3k more hull and another device. Vor'cha has the cloak, momentum, and 43% better turning.

As for 'roll a Klingon,' lots of people have and have tried this stuff. I've got 3, have flown all types from Hegh'tas to Vo'quvs to my flagship Fleet Tor'kaht, and they're a hell of a lot easier to use and much more lethal than anything I have Fed side. Like 95% of the game I don't PVP, in my case because I don't care, I don't like aggressive people, and I'd much rather just build stuff. Also means I've never been decloaked and when I use it in story missions it always lets me choose when, where, and how a fight starts, and I enjoy that advantage. Might be unnecessary but its fun, which is my priority. There are in fact people who play KDF side without being Klingon Players.

The tech transfer is unbalanced because the tech distribution is unbalanced. Some people seem to have this pride in seeing themselves as the oppressed and noble underdog in all things, but its just not there. Population yes, cstore and fleets yes. Other than that.....

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How much do you pay for a DSSV? How much do you pay for a Varanus?

Generally, if you're buying the C-store science ship with zen, it's better than the f2p version, isn't it? isn't it??

Varanus: weaker shields, equivalent hull, no cloak, same number of consoles as the FREE Fed science ship. Inferior, get it? it has the same WEAKNESSES, but doesn't share the same strengths. to be equivalent as a science ship you have to dump the repair drone console...

on the vor'cha/assault cruiser, yes, they're about equal-but different. I'll give a point there.

but this topic's about tech-transfer, which in this case, is unidirectional in terms of value-for-investment, of consoles and equipment that really don't help in PvE at all-plas leech doesn't help against Borg in STF, nor against Tholians in the Tholian missions, it only helps in PvP.

ESTorp is useless in PvE and in PvP. Plas Leech is of little to no value in PvE, and pretty darn useful in PvP-moreso on a FED ship, than on a KDF ship because it's easier to spec a FED to make best use of it-even to make OPTIMUM use of it-which is not possible with KDF designs.

Notably, when Nadion Detonator console turned up in a lockbox, it was nerfed. Hard. There were even topics about that-largely because it went from Federation exclusive, to shared-with KDF.

The Point-defense/ams energy weapon setup traded from Fed to Klink was at least close in relative value to the subspace jumper-though again, Feds got the better of that deal, since it's useful both in PvE, and PvP, while the AMS really isn't unless you're facing a lot of carrier spam.

BNW (Bioneural Warhead) went so far as to violate Cryptic's own fluff-text about the weapon being "too inhumane" for Federation use-it was that good a trade UP for the Federation players that it was okay from Dev side to do it.

Isometric charge was, for a while, one of THE most powerful weapons in the KDF arsenal bar none. Now you see it most often on FEDERATION ships...more common with them, than with the originating faction, so that should tell you about what the value of the console is...
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