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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
The problem you're missing, Iskandus, is that it BECOMES an OP item-plas leech procs based on hits-five weapons (see: Andorian Escort) hitting multiple times (See: DHC or dual Cannons) is certainly going to have more impact, more quickly, with a longer sustained rate, than three or four DHC's, with more integral punch as well, doing more damage, at less sacrifice.
Likewise, it's EASIER to build and spec a drain build for the Fed than the KDF, as it is easier to spec for insulators to counter a drain build, thanks to the imbalance in science console slots inherent between the factions (re: the ability to equip power insulators-which, as a fed fighting KDF prior to this, you should already know-spec for insulators and your drain issues mostly disappear.) Your numbers on your fed drain build? guess what?

you can't do that on a KDF ship without Aceton, there just isn't hte console space.

as I said, it's OP NOW, because NOW you can actually get the optimum combination to use it-Fedside, an optimum combination you can't GET KDF side. KDF side there's no way to build an opposing layout to resist the effects.
Seeing as there is a maxium stack size it wouldnt matter unless you were in a 1 on 1. And even then that extra forward slot comes at the cost of a rear slo andt it balances out since cannons and turrets generate the same number of hits per second so it would be the same number of applications per second VS a standard 4/3 ship.

And most drain builds I've seen that are actualy effective rely on siphon drones and aceton assimilators. Something feds don't have. Beyond that ES3 is available to everyone who has the science slots for it. and the breen set is still available to all factions.
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