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05-23-2013, 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Actualy you can max the stack prety quickly with just 4 beams, and beams are easy to keep on target so keeping that stack maxed is easy.

And the drain on your target is minimal if they bother to put points in insulators. On its own leech doesnt even effect npcs enough to matter.

It really isnt that strong of a console. It takes 6000 skill points just to make effective and those 6000 points are wasted unless energy drain is a large part of your build.

It's a gimmick, that in some cases is effective, like all the other c store consoles. And will really only be a boon to romulans since they have less power to begin with.
Yeah, but you can max it in ONE PASS with the right setup of cannons-which the Kumari has if you don't go beamscort with it. Add in the other lockbox giveaway (that very nearly, but cosmetically doesn't, match the precise effect of the Elite Disruptors) and you have a recipe for easy kills in PvP-as in easier than trying it with KDF equipment.

I feel like we're kind of talking past each other here.
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