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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Yeah, but you can max it in ONE PASS with the right setup of cannons-which the Kumari has if you don't go beamscort with it. Add in the other lockbox giveaway (that very nearly, but cosmetically doesn't, match the precise effect of the Elite Disruptors) and you have a recipe for easy kills in PvP-as in easier than trying it with KDF equipment.

I feel like we're kind of talking past each other here.
No Im just pointing out that it really isn't as good as people think it is.

And beam ships dont make passes.

The nanite diruptors trade a half disruptor proc (-5 instead of -10) for 2% more shield penetration.

I believe elite disruptors are supposed to reduce shield damage resistance not simply byoass it. So really nanite disruptors have some DEM mixed in and elite disruptors cause your shields take more damage from all sources. I also heard that they still get the -10 damage resistance ontop of the -10 shield damage resistance. But I personaly have not seen them yet.
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