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Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
No Im just pointing out that it really isn't as good as people think it is.

And beam ships dont make passes.

The nanite diruptors trade a half disruptor proc (-5 instead of -10) for 2% more shield penetration.

I believe elite disruptors are supposed to reduce shield damage resistance not simply byoass it. So really nanite disruptors have some DEM mixed in and elite disruptors cause your shields take more damage from all sources. I also heard that they still get the -10 damage resistance ontop of the -10 shield damage resistance. But I personaly have not seen them yet.
Right, beam-ships don't make passes...

A "Pass" in this case, is that space of time where you hit "Fire" and the weapons cycle with the target in front of you.

Beam ships DO make passes.

Unless they're not moving.

in fact, a Beam ship makes a "Pass" basically if you're flying and firing at a target. That's a 'pass' see?

In the space of time defined above as a "pass" (aka you hit the fire button/spacebar/keybind) your DHC fires multiple times for every time your beam is fired.

Thus, instead of having to make multiple passes with a steady increase in drain that can be broken off if your target manages to break lock (aka uses a placate on you, cloaks, runs out of range, etc.) your drain can be interrupted at less than max.

whereas you pull pretty much full drain off the (DC or DHC)+turrets build every time you hit the 'fire' button-and with less drop in your already-existing energy reserves, which combined with the other half of the proc (aka-bonus energy) means you're holdng at, or above, energy cap...which is a basic buff to your combat power.

See how that works?

I don't have to reduce the target's energy, I just get to use it to buff my own.

With FIVE of 'em going, that translates to it reaching the hard cap of 8 (unbuffed), then getting what amounts to a 2 bonus on the next cycle using CRF1. CRF2 boosts that more at each cycle, so that, as long as I'm firing at a target, my energy doesn't all.

no drop-off. what would YOU do with no drop-off?

Most 'typical' builds don't go all DHC though-so figure 4 DHC on our theoretical Kumari, plus a "Finisher" such as a DBB+BO2/3 where energy levels actually MATTER, and assume for ****s and giggles we add in a warp-core that runs W->S or W->Aux and A2B on the science doff.

Or maybe W->E.

Suppose that might be an interesting situation? Might that even have a significant impact on performance?

hmm? Hypothetically, of course.
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