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05-23-2013, 03:23 AM
Originally Posted by lake1771 View Post
well, you know what they'll do.

If there's a big enough outrage they'll give back juuust enough to keep you logging in till the next thing comes along to totally screw over a thousand players so 100 will buy something else.

Personally, i'm reinstalling turbine's games. checking out swtor, or whatever, 'n maybe even eve it up a bit.
Hell I might even close up the laptop 'n go see what real life is like again.
wasting my life ******** about pwe's shameless moneygrabbing strategies is, well wasting my life. and my talents. and likely yours too.
Read a book, hell write one.
Stop trying to figure out how to diagram the new power levels or coordinate and sync doff missions on 30 toons. Take a stab at something worthwhile instead.
Fun is fun 'n this isn't fun anymore.
Its more like work than any game ive ever played 'n if we do happen to find a way to make 'this' life a little easier it is summarily dismantled.
I wish pwe would let me accept paypal for some of this digital scrap, cause it'd be on the market right now for the price of a nice summer jacket.
You're seriously complaining about PWE's "shameless moneygrabbing strategies" and considering to check out SW:TOR instead? At least Cryptic/PWE isn't charging $7 per character for things like hiding your helmet, usage of the auction house or being able to equip items better than rare quality...

But I agree with the OP. I'd love to see some sort of account-wide Doff-storage, too.