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We are a casual and friendly fleet. New by most standards but very active already. We have a website at we chat a lot and also use voice chat in game. You won't be just a number in our roster but a valued member with a voice and a say on important fleet topics. We also run events and activities where players can win in-game prizes like EC, Master Keys, etc.

Here is our recruitment link on STO forums as well:

We do PvE, PvP, and beginning to do some light RP, however, we also house the "solo" player who just likes to be in a fleet. There are no monthly roll calls, no hoops to jump over. You have a life outside the game and we understand that comes first. We'd really love to have you join us. If you need any more info or help on anything feel free to contact me directly at any time in game my handle is Grayfox@GrayfoxJames or you can e-mail me directly at

I truly believe we are your fleet. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering us. Take care.

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-Jose a.k.a. Grayfox
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