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05-23-2013, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
You don't need to make a PayPal account -- just the "guest" option/ checkout without creating an account

As for the German redirect, it's based off your language setting in your browser, and/or location. I'll pass along your feedback to the Web Team.


Brandon =/\=

Uhm.. well, that didnt solve my issue tbh. .

I stil need to enter my personal data at the paypal site, including my bank data. Which is basicly what i want to avoid.
Someone needs to explain to me why i can not use a paysafecard (not to mentiont hat Skrill bought them up anyways, but well....).

Dont get me wrong, but none of this companies has the best reputation, especialy paypal is know for a hell lot of issues.

I mean, i want to buy something from Cryptic/PWE. I dont want to do buisness with someone else. I dont see why i should give out personal information to another company, especially for a one time only purchase. I got 2 paysafecards (one wtih 100, one with 50 ? here). i wanted to get the pack with them and use the rest to buy some Zen.

I have to admit that it is my own fault for not checking on the payment methods offered, but i somehow expected that i can simply do it through normal account management and use the paysafecards in the process. I try to avoid giving out data as much as possible, especially banking data.
I dont use social networks either. You might call me paranoid or old fashioned or *uncool*. But i rather keep it that way.

So, to cut it short:
Is there a way to ge the pack with the paysafecards or not?