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05-23-2013, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by shantavi View Post
I'd also like my character's legs to not become almost half as thin when I put on *any* skirt other than the TOS Split and TOS Nurse skirts.
Ya i mentioned that in the top post as well...

also...apparently my F key stuck on the title thread lol

anyway...after finaly getting a romulan made on actual holodeck last night, made it to 16, and once again sat there is my skirts

WHY AM I FORCED TO LOOK LIKE A BUM CRYPTIC???? gosh...romulan females arent allowed to look good?

(side note, hair styles still look fake, the new ones i mean, plus we didnt get any of the ones in the sketches /disapointed )

Back on course...Simple fix is to allow characters allied to have access to the allied stuff, but than we know where this leads...the oh boo hoo romulans now have more clothing than fed or kdf true simple fix is...give us our damn skirts and own unique dresses...also

wheres my off duty look? I had it on test, but now it wont let me choose that anymore for my Romulan...stuck looking like a guerilla fighter since MAY 21 2013 (lets see how bad that seems in a years time)