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05-23-2013, 09:15 AM
We are R-Day plus 2 today folks!

So why are many of you still flying around not in the greatest Romulan Themed Fleet around?

I know I know, its a big tall order looking for a fleet, so many questions, whats the leadership like? Whats the policy on fleet stores? Do I have to wear a pink uniform? These are all very important questions and yes...on the pink uniform I mean...with clown shoes...and a tricycle...and a ballarina skirt...

Look no further fellow Romulans than the IRF

We have of course above mentioned website with forums filled with fun stuff!
Teamspeak (its not mandatory just helps for those that like to use it)
Cross factional chat system ingame
Taco Tuesdays are currently canceled on behalf of TacoFangs extended family, we do appoligize for all the relatives eaten so far.
Our fed fleet is fast approaching tier 4 military and embassy is nearing tier 3
Our kdf fleet is finishing tier 2 projects and the embassy is starting to roll out toward tier 2 progression

We have been established as a COMMUNITY far longer than as a Fleet, with the Fleet's conception durring Beta of STO and have been here the whole time...

so dont delay, enlist today!