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05-23-2013, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by trixiefan View Post
Are you guys hard core only? US timezone only? In the past I put nicely over a thousand hours into this game but idk if I can do that again with it being so grindy a game now compared to before.
what i meant by 'this is not a casual fleet' is that the administration of this fleet are not casual about keeping the projects constantly running. the house of beautiful does not let projects sit open.
you, on the other hand, can be as casual as you wish. be aware though, access to both the romulan fleet store and the orion fleet store are conditional, and those that do more get more in return. not logging in for months at a time is perhaps 'too casual' though.

the administration are located around europe and north america. i am in australia on the other side of the world from everybody.

i have updated the OP to reflect new information.
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