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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I imagine his running twin energy siphon has more to do with hos amazing power levels than leech does.
Once again, you think incorrectly. ES has a duplicate cooldown of 30s on each other, which means no ES can run simultaneously. In other words, only one ES may be active at any given time. Hence, running two has nothing to do with the "amazing power levels". Heck, if anyone can put one ES and cause all their powers to be 125+ everywhere, the dev would have nerfed it long time ago. So no, your hypothesis is wrong. As to the exact why & how and details of the mechanics or what consoles are used - I am not going to disclose it in a Klingon forum - sorry, classified on the orders of Starfleet.

Though I did find his "Thanks KDF" funny since the feds brought up the leech weeks before LoRs release.
Funny, the news that Starfleet will gain access to Leech was revealed one day before LoR in a LoR blog post, which I read but completely missed. I suspect many Feds also missed them in those long readings and blogs. In other words, nothing caught our attention until the Klingons started to cry foul in super high pitch and attracted the attention of every person and their pets. Notice how this thread has currently the most views in this sub-forum? As for any discussion weeks before, those were just wishful thinking like thousands other ideas out there. You know, I am still hoping they will give me a unique Timeship Warp Core and allow anyone who acquired the Aeon timeship shuttle and the Wells / Mobius main ships to have fighter versions of the Aeron launchable from the main ship. So yeah, if by "brought up", you mean those countless number of speculations and wishes out there -- seriously, who has the time to filter through all of them? They just get lost in the crowd and wouldn't attract much attention. Now, the OP's thread is different - it's not a wish but a statement of fact - now that will catch people's attention and it did.

All we KDF did was show our being upset that one of our lures for Romulans to come play KDF was taken from us at the most unopportune time. Almost purposely some will say.
Here I thought the Klingons hate Romulans based on how the Roms interfered in the Klink civil war? Why would you want a bunch of people whom you consider dishonorable, deceitful and downright mean & unworthy to join your side? Has anyone forgot how Wolf's biological parents were killed?

On the other hand, if some newbie Romulan is supposed to be attracted to the KDF based on one single console, that's just hilarious. Let's just say the decision to join one side or the other is most likely a little more complex than based on the "lure" of one single console...

So far, the vast majority of high end Romulan ships I have seen out there seem to go overwhelmingly Federation. Could it be that they realize that joining KDF has less value because they already have the cloaking technology and joining Starfleet will bring more utility to them? In any event, blaming it on one console is just, can I say this diplomatically, well "far-fetched".