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Originally Posted by iskandus View Post
It sounds like you are really not familiar with how energy drain works. A target's drain defenses have no bearing on how much the energy is being transferred. The actual energy gain is based on the strength of the said boff power and the captain's skills, nothing else, not even Aux power level.

Also, to be confirmed by the dev, Borg NPC have in fact higher resists against many Sci powers than players do. Notice how things like scramble sensors or jam sensors barely affect the Borg? What you see in the pic is a Borg Sphere being hammered by total drain on his weapons system by a wooping 109 points. Against a player who has no energy resist, his weapons would be offline long time ago but the Sphere's weapons are not. In addition, NPCs in general have been greatly enhanced at the Elite level since LoR. Borg in particular now move incredibly fast and aggressively that Gravity Well no longer holds them anymore. You should try fighting those NPC at Elite level and see how much they have been buffed, the difference is super obvious.
Actually I do know the mechanics involved. My point is that the leech is not what is giving him these huges numbers as he gloated about.