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05-23-2013, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Actually I do know the mechanics involved.
I have doubts about that. Judging based on your posts here re: this topic, your grasp of this topic contains errors that anyone who is familiar with the mechanics wouldn't make. But again, this is besides the point and you are not on trial even though I resent your choice of words such as "gloat". In any event, times to move on, all we hearing is excuses after excuses that somehow justify these series of emotional outbursts. I prefer to focus on the pragmatic and see what we can do. One of the recurring theme that has merit in this thread is that the Emission-Seeking torp is too weak and not a fair trade. I haven't seen anyone who disagrees yet. So, in light of this, the focus should be how to make this right? Think about it, the trade is done, it's too late to revert it, as there are so many of these boxes for sale on the exchange and many have already bought. You can't undo it so the only option left is to fix it. I will start a new thread in the appropriate forum to get Borticus' attention, he is very open to constructive & pragmatic feedback. I will even convey many of the frustrations summarized here, stripping away the emotional aspects, and present the factual part to him. He is not kneen on listening to emotional outbursts but show him the facts and good points, and he will listen and consider.