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05-23-2013, 10:29 AM
Just found this thread, after posting one of my own.

I find this most disappointing...

Nukara was a nice place to acquire fleet marks. This missions were challenging without being overly complex. And I liked fighting the Tholians....

I even have a Fed ENG character, that was specifically crafted and spec'ed out to be on Nukara, spent the last seven months getting this character to level 50, finishing the Fed storyline. Now that character either will be retired, as in not played anymore. Or, I will have to respec him for something else... do not know what though.

I also do not play and STFs, I do not PvP, and I most certainly do not want to wait in a PvE queue to get Fleet marks. I have little time to play, and I do not want to wait for others, and then be dependent on how other preform.

Yes, i do know that you can get Fleet Marks at Defera, but that environment is more complex than Nukara, and each mission takes twice as long. Not just for complexity of fighting Borg, but there are dozens of other players also on Defera getting Omega Marks.

So, now that Nukara Prime has its own rep system, people will start going there more frequently. Wouldn't it be better to keep the Fleet Marks there?

As I mentioned my post... Cryptic please recosnider and put Fleet marks back on Nukara.