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Officer: sir we have entered the Lanco system. No sign of any hostiles yet.

Nix: any ships on sensors.

Hollow: the republic is almost here as well but other then that wait a moment there was something going on.

Nix: maintain full stealth settings and prepare to alert admiral Yuri if we discover anything. Also prep the mines.

Officer : aye sir

Hollow: think there is trouble

Nix: yes I bet my life there is.
*R.S.S. Republic. The ship emerges from fold space before being hit by a subspace Ion Mine. The Deflector Dish fluctuates before failing as lights go off all over the ship and static discharges emanate from the hull.

Bridge. The lights are flickering as electrical discharges surge from the consoles. The Viewscreen is flickering between static and an actual feed. The crew are keeping away from their stations. David is kneeling over T'mar, who has an electrical burn on her face after her console overloaded. Matt is standing next to them.*

Matt: Medical Emergency! Medical Team to the Main Bridge!

David: Her pulse is weak! I need a med-kit, NOW!

*Dana runs over and places a med-kit next to him. David takes out the Medical Tricorder and scans T'mar.*

Her nervous system's failing! 2CCs Cordrazine!

Matt: Are you sure?

David: If we don't, she'll die before the medical team gets up here!

*Matt pulls out the hypospray and loads the cordrazine vial, setting it to 2CCs and injecting it into T'mar's neck.*

She's stabilising, but we need to get her to sickbay.

Matt: We can't reach the turbolift. Can you treat her up--?

David: I know field medical, but I'm no Doctor! She needs Andrews' help!

Helm: Captain!

*Matt looks back to see the viewscreen start to stabilise, revealing a Synthesiser Cruiser on approach.*

Matt: Oh hell!

*He sees their main gun power up before an anti-matter beam blast rips through them. He looks in astonishment as an Iconian Mothership takes its place.*

Taragi *Over comm*: This is the I.C.S. Dor'kat'a to R.S.S. Republic! Do you require assistance?

Matt: Confirmed, Dor'kat'a! We hit a subspace ion mine! All our systems are in a state of overload!

Taragi *Over comm*: Understood, Republic. Stand by.

*Matt watches electrical arcs travel toward the Dor'kat'a, forming a beam. It then stops and the Dor'kat'a releases the absorbed energy with an engine surge to kill her forward momentum. The lights are restored on the Bridge.*

Matt: Thank you, Supreme Commander.

Taragi *Over comm*: Your people once rescued mine from the Synthesiser menace. We owe you more than we could possibly repay.

It is called the Tal'kone, Captain - a debt our empire owes to any other which defends us so selflessly as your vessel and the Liberty did 6 years ago. Our debt is made greater by the destruction of your fleet at our hands.

What is your situation?

*The medical team arrives and gets T'mar onto a stretcher. David looks at Matt, who nods sympathetically. David follows the medical team into the turbolift.*

Matt: Systems are coming back on line. We've got casualties, no fatalities though.

Taragi *Over comm*: Understood. We should meet, Captain. Our next move must be decided quickly. We have engaged our Stealth systems. I advise you to do the same as soon as the transfer is complete.

Matt: Your place or mine?

*5 minutes later. Matt is standing in the Transporter Room when the Transporter Chief deactivates his holo-display.*

Transporter Chief: Sir, Supreme Commander Taragi is ready to beam aboard.

Matt: Energise.

*In a few seconds, Taragi appears on the pad. He surveys the surroundings before stepping down.*

Welcome to the Republic, Commander.

Taragi: Captain Forrester! It seems Republic Military commands are more erratic than I thought! First I tried to contact Captain Allington, being directed to Commander Santiago. Now I come to your aid expecting Santiago to be in command, and instead find you here.

Matt: Command asked me to take command given my experience with the Synthesisers.

*He gestures to the door.*

Shall we?

Taragi: Of course.

*Matt leads Taragi to the Conference Room.*

Matt: Computer, seal all access points.

What brings you here, Commander?

Taragi: The Imperial Assembly and Royal Court asked me to 'assist' you in recovering our vessels.

Matt: In other words, they asked you to make sure we don't start analysing your technology.

Taragi: You know the ways of politics and bureaucrats well.

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