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05-23-2013, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by ptpage View Post
Good Morgan All,

I am looking for a fleet to join. I am a Reman Tact. I have played both both Fed and KDF.

I have extensive MMORPG experience, a casual not in a hurry to get to end game content, i will stop and help new people during my leveling.

So please don't ask me about what type of Computer Rig, internet speed, no i don't have a mic, but i do follow intruction in teamspeak.
You would be a perfect fit for our Fleet and overall gaming community. We are the oldest Romulan Fleet in game and actually the original Romulan Fleet in game. As a Romulan Community we pre-date STO. We play as casual or hardcore as you want with no pressure to be a certain way. We have RP folks and just a general love of community.

You can check us our at

Or just click my banner.

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