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05-23-2013, 12:03 PM
Cryptic nerfing Mail on us, without telling us, was not cool by any standard.

I can understand them not wanting Mail to be a secondary bank, but they should've realized there is a DOFF storage problem and that they should've provided us a legitimate way to store DOFFs for Starbase Projects, without forcing us to sacrifice our character DOFF space for it.

Which now forces us to either:

Buy alt characters slots, and buy 400 DOFF limits on those alts


Taking advantage of the Free Accounts and create DOFF storage without needing to use money or Zen.

Dunno about you, but the later alterative is more appealing. And this is worse off for Cryptic than the mail storage problem, because they are losing even more server space and not generating any revenue.

So they should either undo the new Mail limits or provide us a legitimate DOFF Storage for Fleet Projects, without Fleet Projects being active.
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