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05-23-2013, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by tarrennis View Post
This is a foolish and greedy change. 100 attachments is not high enough. They need to go back to the 500 mail limit. I have bought additional storage slots. I store commodities, ship repair components, and samples in my bank, because the system reads them being there and they are regularly needed.

I also store bound items there like the all but useless Phoenix & Crystal Shard pets. And, Borg Neural Processors, Lobi Crystals, Romulan Radiation Reports, and Glowing Plants. These should just be counted like Omega Marks. It's stupid and wasteful that we have to devote bank slots to them.

I like to keep my character inventory as clear as possible to pick up all of the loot from missions. I have to hold it until I can sell it at Earth Space Dock or the Exchange. I'm not interested in disposing at the Replicator for less energy credits. That leaves the mail for short and long term storage of items that I will need soon. Furthermore, I store commodities, components, samples, hypos, batteries, etc, that I use on a regular basis and replenish when they are running out.

How are mails counted that I sent to @handle? I did not specify a character so any of my characters could access it. Now, with this new hindsight, I wish I had not done that. Does that count as 100 for all them, or can I have 100 for each of them?

If we can't delete emails, then it's unfair to have a 500 mail limit. My inbox is piling up with item sold emails and item exchange sale expired emails (with no item attached).

If you want to sell more bank, inventory, and shared bank slots, LOWER THEIR PRICES! Also, increase the caps for those that want to purchase more slots.
First off, thank you Tarrennis for saving me some time and already having pretty much written what I might have, virtually verbatim even.

Like you, I have also bought additional storage slots for both my bank and inventory and purchased the maximum allowed slots for each too. Simply put, I've purchased all the bank and inventory slots that Cryptic has allowed me to buy.

And still, between all the crafting resources (schematics, data samples, particle samples) and bound items (lobi, pets, mission rewards, set pieces), my bank is full. And I've deleted any and all non-essentials from my bank as well. Hell, a few weeks ago, I was forced to choose which single bound item was least valuable and delete it, in order to accommodate the 'crystalline pet' I had been rewarded from completing Crystalline Rep. And such rewards as that just keep coming and coming and coming.

Yet, we have no frakkin' room for this continuous stream of rewards!

Situation with my inventory is virtually the same. I've purchased the maximum number of inventory slots. And my inventory is also full of bound items (for myself, boffs and ships). Yet, at least with my inventory, I allow for 26 or so empty slots for a day's worth of mission loot. Heck, I'm so retentive that I have my Azure ship chip thingee placed as a marker in my inventory. Anything beyond that marker is loot, which I sell on the exchange, give to friends or rarely use myself.

Again, I've bought all the inventory slots Cryptic will allow me to buy.

Now, in closing, I want to make absolutely sure of some details regarding this stealth nerf, now that we know it is one, per some Dev's Twitter feed (idiotically underhanded way of getting the word out, btw!), before I obsessively endeavor to protest this underhanded decision like Ahab chasing his whale.

Just to be absolutely this '100' limit a limit on the overall number of messages we can store (in other words a total limit of 100 messages, each still retaining 5 attachment slots each, as opposed to the old standard of a 500 messages)? Or does this mean that the number of individual attachments per message has been reduced from 5, somehow limiting the overall number of individual attachments per mail account to 100? Or, does this mean that you can stack no more than 100 of an individual item per attachment slot within each message?

Some clarification would be greatly appreciated from anyone, especially from a dev, right here on the forums, where such critical info belongs!
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