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05-23-2013, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by bootyboots View Post
its not a bug; its intentional; cryptics solution to your/our problem is buy more slots

see my 1st post on the thread here
Buying more slots is all well and good. Problem is that I've bought all the bank and inventory slots that Cryptic will allow. And, while I'm not even in a fleet, I DOFF heavily and have also purchased the 400 max of DOFF slots.

Originally Posted by suiksaga View Post
I get tired of those the white knights that will defend cryptic no matter what they do.

Perhaps my point wasn't cklear or it was the other mailing post but I have the freaking unlocks.

However doffs especially doing the recruitment all my alts take up room and having to log on each alt to check if they have what I need for a project on one of my mains in a fleet is well unacceptable both in time and frustration...

I rather not even do it or move on to another game then deal with having to do that daily if cryptic continues to stick to its guns on this proposed stealth nerf

I am not here to try to pretend that we should have unlimited mail space, if you knew what was going on you would know there was already a fair and generous mail space given to us at 500 mails with 5 per mail or whatever you wanted to put in there.

So they take us from 500x5 =2500 to 100 mails but 20x5 mail holding so we go from 2500 to 100.

If that isn't a stealth nerf of epic proportion I do not know what is.

It is not about the money wither buddy its about the ease of grabbing the doff's I need for a project on one of main's when they need it since they are near cap they have to make several trips to the mailbox as it is to get the doff's if available for a project.

I am not going to spend 1-2 hours each day checking alts to see if they are holding white doff's my main's need for a project.

You ranting on about how its a exploit is well very sad to hear, do you defend cryptic no matter what they do to us as a community or do you see all that cryptic does as all that is right and pure in this world?
I too am absolutely sick and tired of all these people that have been crying 'exploit!' Such people should seriously all gather in some remote field, like the sheep they are, and 'bahhhhhhhh! bahhhhhhh!' away and leave us reasonable folk well enough alone.

As for the DOFF problem, I'm not even in a fleet and I can easily fathom the impact of this ridiculous change. And I've never stowed away DOFFs in bank, inventory or mail. I have purchased the 400 DOFF cap limit and, given what I've read about Fleet and DOFFs, it's pretty clear that said 400 cap is not enough if I were in a Fleet.

Which leaves us all with the obvious and negative impact of what people are going to do, if this idiotic change should stick. People are going to create alts and such alts are going to unnecessarily bog down the games' already heavily burdened servers.

This whole thing is simply a mess of epic proportions and ruinously spoils any feel-good vibes that one should get from all this exciting new content we've been gifted with.

I have a dear friend, who left STO months ago, because of stealth nerfs like this one. And this is a guy who's easily spent $300+ on this game (he mostly buys ships galore). For the past couple of weeks, I've been enticing him back with all the news about LOR. Yet, when I tell him about this latest mess, later on today, any and all interest he might've had in returning is going to go poof! Guess any and all future profits Cryptic would've gained from him are also going to go poof as well.
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