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05-23-2013, 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by kirisee View Post
Or you could do the right thing like i did ya whiners....grind up more doff slots to the 400 max, grind up all the bank and inventory space too....i did, it isn't that hard really...only took about two weeks for each of 14 toons,, two weeks,, was done...and ALOT more storage to boot, i never run out now.

I mean really, you took advantage of a broken system that was NEVER intended to be your personal bank. i know i know it was Cryptics error and they did let it go on a long time...but you really should have never thought that they would never fix it. You should have been grinding up extra storage in the mean time, knowing this was going to happen eventually. I do feel sorry for your losses, but you can't blame Cryptic for stealth patching this in (but i sorta do feel like we should have had a warning).

you really missed the point of our complaint. we were using this broken system (magic mailbox) to cover for another system (starbase doff imbalance).

Many of us go through hundreds of doffs a day if not more just to cover the imbalance in the starbase system we have been complaining about for months and ignored. We were using the mailbox to store excess doffs until their values could be normalized or we could eventually use them, or at least spread them to other fleets. Instead of a simple fix for the doff requirements (balance them with the drop-rates at least); we get badly made stealth nerf that breaks the only tool that let the majority of fleets make any real progress