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Well done indeed!

One question - "War is a terrible thing"? It provides us an opportunity to expand our boundaries, crush our enemies, and if our cause is just - bring honor and glory to our Houses and Empire!

P.S. "But wiser still to know your own heart and mind. It will be utterly crucial to be right, and to act from right action. " This almost sounds Buddhist!

Swap out compassion with honor and there are interesting similarities at a high level...
Just proves I'm not afraid to pull inspiration from where ever i can! :_)

The parallels to the ethos of the Samuri, the crusader military orders, and yes, Buddism is definatly there. And Klingons do agree war for wars sake is a terrible thing. There is no honor in it, and glory only to the shallow, the venel, and the vain. and when that happens you end up with Gowron's, and the Worf's that have to take them down. Oh, and war.. is very very messy. It sends trade and commerce to perdition. Klingons prefer to get the wars over in a hurry so they can get back to the important stuff like fighting, drinking, telling great stories, and greater lies (in an entertaining way) and drinking vast amount of blood wine, loving ones mate, and raising up the NEXT generation of warriors.

It is the Klingon Defence force after all, not the Klingon expeditionary force. (though, they do form those from time to time as needed, witness the dominion war because sometime the best defence is a whopping great offence!)


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