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05-23-2013, 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
just remember guys! those poor engineering consoles got their power bonus cut in half because cryptic was too afraid people would have too much power in their subsystems.

-rolls eyes-
I dont know why those console are or should be in game.Its good to have many items to choose from ,but its not good to have many stuffs around just for the sake of it.

As for power levels ,warp cores and leech ...well ,my cruiser is cool now

Originally Posted by deokkent View Post
So I've loaded a maco shield to get that extra power boost (very situational but it's worth it). Lol it's awesome PvPin' with 3 subsystem maxed out. I've never seen my escort move so fast. There is something very satisfying swooping in, taking off someone's shield facing so fast in alpha strike raid and finishing them off in the second raid. PvP has never been so fast paced for me.
Yes not its even more fun to dogfight in escorts .All ships feel more alive now.

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