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It would be cool to be able to select Alien racial traits. One option that could be interesting would be to allow Aliens to select ANY 2 traits that have a 50% effect each, in place of the current +1 optional. This would allow Alien captains to be more distinctive, while still giving them only 1 trait's worth of bonuses.
There's no reason to give them only 50% of each, most of the other racial traits give either a full 100%(or more) of 2 or more traits as it is. Klingons, for instance, get 22.8 to damage... now I figure 7.5 of that is from aggressive and 15 is from physical strength...but as those are the only 2 types of physical damage boosters I remember... (not counting the gorn over-riding 20% physical strength or 'reptillian strength' and apparently now the caitans) and they still come out .3% ahead. And they include Soldier as well in theirs. It should probably just be choosing 2 traits that combine or (and I mean, having both options, not just make one or the other option) choose one of the other race's racial trait... it's not like racial traits are really that unique anyway... Leadership has always seemed like a stupid thing for a human racial trait since it implies no race is capable of leadership... It seems like an artificial designation designed around the fact that all of the main character-in-command of the tv shows and movies happened to be humans.

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As a side note, Aliens aren't the only ones that are a bit borked by the altered racial traits. Have you noticed that Telepathy provides +10 Perception, +1 sec Expose duration, and +1.5% Expose chance while "Limited" Telepathy provides +10 Perception, +1 sec Expose duration, and Res(Flanking) by 40 degrees? Oh, and Gorn have gone from automatically getting Reptillian Strength of +17.5% Physical Damage and Knockback to NOT even being able to choose Physical Strength for +15% Physical Damage and 15% chance of +0.66m Knockback. I created a Gorn Science captain on Tribble to check this, and no option for Physical Strength was listed on my Traits tab. None. Seriously.
It was bad enough that Alien's couldn't select Gorn level strength (like the Gorn are the strongest race in the universe or something amidst so many undiscovered ones...) but then I saw that only Tac Gorn's got physical strength (and that it's 20% I believe) AND both Cat races get 20% physical damage too?? Since when are the felines stronger then Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons and non-Tac Gorn? I noticed the lake of flanking resistance on telepath too... and actually cursed not being able to take the basic form 'limited telepathy' on my alien chars...Ridiculous. I hope Borg can select at least 15% physical strength... I have no intention of ever playing one, but their cybernetics should absolutely be capable of that, even liberated...

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"Limited" Telepathy seems to be superior to the full version, or at least doesn't seem at all limited, and Gorn have somehow become enfeebled (my Klingon Science captain will have both the Klingon trait and Physical Strength, bwahahaha!). At least we now know why the Gorn lost to the Klingons now: they were weaker.
Wait...wait... you mean the Klingons get an automatic 22.8 and still get to throw in the physical strength that all Klingons seem to have (as a racial to start with) on TOP of that? And they still took away physical strength from the non-tac Gorn? I'm starting to think they're trying to chase us off this game, instead of just suspecting it...

It was bad enough they were making us use our respec tokens from the start just to customize our traits...but all the oddities in the system on top of the singularity cores poor quality has not only balanced out my eagerness to start giving them money again from the anticipation of the Romulan faction to actual lethargy toward playing...

On the Traits, if they really wanted to revamp it, they probably should have made it an actual trait 'point' system with basic, advanced, and superior levels of traits at 1, 2, and 3 points respectively with higher traits overriding lower ones. (example, if you took Physical Strength 15% at creation, then selecting 20% strength would replace 15%, raising your 'used points' by 1 and putting 15% back on the list as 'unavailable' unless you remove your Strength trait and still have points. If you want to raise it later when you get more trait points at rank/level break, the advanced and superior versions would be discounted by 1 and override your old 15%)
Keeping in mind that Racial traits should cost an amount = to all the traits or simulated traits they consist of... (Vulcans, I believe, have Basic Telepathy and 15% Strength, so 2 points.) and leaving races with at least enough starting trait points to get 1 Superior 1 Advanced and 1 Basic (Alien's should be able to make a racial trait by combining 2 other traits or choosing another race's trait), after all, you're a 'hero' character, you should be better at start then a blue or purple Bridge Officer... Really, there shouldn't be any traits not available to the Alien race, since they're supposed to be so versatile, although they should only get 1 Race trait (either combined from 2, or chosen from a list of other race traits). It would have given more customization to characters, it would have made the most balance between being a cannon STO race, and being an Alien, and you wouldn't run into things like Limited Telepathy being better then full Telepathy... at least if done correctly...

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