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05-23-2013, 05:49 PM
Originally Posted by talzerotwo View Post
This is a basic video tutorial on how to get my alien's look in game.

I hope no one thinks this is to boost my ego or anything like that, but literally since I made this design in open beta, I've been getting a lot of friendly feedback regarding it (if you're wondering what my source of inspiration was, it's the song playing in the background on repeat). Neat way to meet new people imo .

So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that was kind enough to give a thumbs up in game, this is for you. I hope you enjoy the design as much as I did.

One day I'll finish the race's backstory, but just want to get it right.

^_^ Cheers!

Click here for the TAL video tutorial.
PS watch in HD if you can

Thanks for sharing
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