Thread: Why play KDF?
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05-23-2013, 05:53 PM
Not sure what you mean by tier 6 ships but regardless even if they were superior to the KDF ships good luck trying to bring any of that to bear when my bird of prey or raptor flies circles round the slow ass warbirds.

Plus do you seriously think that we are going to literally jump ship so quickly because more shinies are in the game? The KDF player base has put up with and stuck together during worse times. We are not some shallow feddie going ooo shiny every time we see an asteroid. That and my character is 3 years old I wouldn't abandon him for anything.

Oh if you want the short answer itsb because the KDF is awesome both in terms of lore and story and background and in the community. Plus someone has to save the quadrant while the federation sits around doing nothing.
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