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05-23-2013, 06:50 PM
It wont let me make a new thread for some reason, but I just thought I'd post some bugs that may or may not be known.

1. When customizing a ship, if you click on parts that come from a ship that costs Zen, the game will keep the Zen needed to buy the parts even if you change them, so that you can't customize your ship, although it's an easy fix when you simply go and set another ship active, go into the customization and then go and set the original ship back to active.

2. old mail is not deleting, and since the auction house always sends mail when you sell something, they quickly pile up.

3. On the Romulan side, the first bridge officer you get, I can't remember his name, after you choose a side, federation or Klingon, his facial image when he talks to you through hail, is of a default federation blonde female human.

4. It is difficult to load clothing and body customization saves, most of the time they don't load at all, I figured a temporary way around it, load the whole save first, then double click on the image of the save under "Just clothing" then click load and it will sometimes work.

5. My Romulan's uniform uses the standard pants option, it just looks cool with all the straps and belts, but with my new character after choosing the Klingon side, the option for standard long pants has been taken away, maybe not a big deal to others, but I find that the tight pants on male characters makes them have bird legs no matter how buff I make them, which makes me want to just not change their outfits indefinatly.I spent hours trying to come up with the perfect uniform, and the options just get taken away.

6. Last, and most important, the chat seems to be broken, it keeps repeating lame bacon jokes.