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Not everyone can have more than 10million EC - i can not yet.
People who can have more might already have that card or not require it.
Some might want it but just can not afford it yet.

All depends on the time, how much ec they have and how fast they can make it, i trade alot of low end item a few k cheaper than others if i can not be bothered to re-list i replicate ofc i woudlnt do that with a high valued item =P

Also might have more luck weekends, though i bet some of the smart buyrs try and buy weekdays.

i assumed they sell better on weekends since theres so many more people BUT for something more expensive and something so rare that theres only 3-4 on the exchange at a time they would get it during the weekdays so they can have it cheap and i know not all can have more then 10mill only resently started trading and getting my but in gear with EC so i got the expansion to 1bill i was mayby thinking i could trade it for that assimilated destroyer when the price comes down to 80mill so that the other player can make a bit more off it then he would the destroyer but that seems like sooooo long
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