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Is it difficult to do or just tedious and boring?

The first part is the most dangerous, as long as you control agro you can elminate them one group at a time.

The unimatrix ships are super easy when you don't worry about time, sit 9.5k out and autofire, come back sometime later

The queen can be tough but with a tank and 2 people throwing romulan torps constantly, it can't do any real damage.
Here's why it took specialized builds and an hour to do:

After testing on normal, we discovered that fighters had to be left behind and the Romulan torp turned off so that only one cube was aggroed at a time. This was a long and slightly complicated process. The unimatrix part is undoubtedly the longest. We sat at ~9km, spamming our fighters, weapons, and torpedoes. Of course, many times we got vaporized by the plasma bolts. Eventually we decided to shoot them down as soon as they launched (which risks their aggro) and it worked. It didn't happen on this run, but on our HSN practice the unimatrixes would lance us as we flew back in from respawning (sometimes because of a previous lance!). Then the queen was just a long shootout.

So yeah, it takes planning and skill to do. However, not impossible.
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