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05-23-2013, 09:31 PM
Lanco system
Prowler class weeping angel

Nix: admiral del rio we have a problem sir.

Del Rio: go ahead captain what do you got for me.

Nix: sir we discovered 2 new alien races. One seems to be an ally of the republic te second seems to be an enemy that is in this galaxy. Worse there mines they where using resemble our by a lot used on prowler class ships.

Del Rio: that could explain what happened to the steadfast. She was a prowler sent to a unknown region of space here to us and se never returned. If they got a hold of that ship it means they could have data on all current ship positions and find out about our war with the covenant and if they wanted to take advantage of that... All right I'm taking the infinity to the republic capital and speak to there command there. Maybe we can find out a little more and see what happened.

UNSC infinity
Class infinity class assult carrier/ support vessel
Length approx 3 miles
Width 2 and a half miles

Hull 3 feet of titanium-a class battle armor
Shields 3 primary shield generators
2 back up shield generators

Engines: slipspace manifold engines
Subspace manifold engine.

Crew: 9000
Marines: 1500
ODST : 800

Weapons: 4 PAC guns ( all foreword)
38 gauss heavy canons
58 point defense turrets
10 multi use missile bays
2 nova class planetary bombs.
1 shivea class nuclear subspace bomb
15 ligh PAC guns canons
20 flak turrets

Support craft
15 long sword clad interceptors
10 gryphon class drop ships
25 dragon class gunships

Del Rio: serina open a comm to republic command an request clearance to meet with republic military command. Code alpha priority

Serina( ships ai ) appears

Serina: aye sir prepping slipspace drive and request meeting now. What about te weeping angel.

Del rio: have them stay where they are.

Ooc: ok go to work at 11 tomorrow so will be on and off. Also just kinda thinking it would be kinda interesting bringing them into more alpha quadrant action.
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