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05-23-2013, 10:47 PM
Yesterday (5/22/2013) after the patch, I was able to play for a while and leveled up to 20. After visiting New Romulus to receive my new ship I started having problems. Just as soon as I placed my bridge officers into their slots and trained them I beamed to my new ship. At 94.1% loaded the server became unresponsive "server not responding". I didn?t think anything of it until it hit 150 seconds. At that time I decided to get up take a quick Bio-Break and then grab a bite to eat (after washing my hands of course). When I returned to my computer the loading screen was still at 94.1% and the server was unresponsive for 1300 seconds. I then shut down the game well. Today (5/23/2013) when I logged into my Federation Character I had no probs. After doing my dailies it was time to continue leveling my Romulan. When I switched over to my Romulan character the loading screen became unresponsive at 91.1% and lasted for 6400 seconds. I talked with a fleet mate and his level 50 Federation toon was having the same problem and his hit 9000+ seconds. What is going on?? This is not only happening to the Romulan toons. Fleet mates toon was a Federation. We have put in for both GM help and Bug report. The Admins are closing out the report tickets and saying that the issue is fixed but there not fixed. We have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and patches but the issue remains. It is not on our ends..
Thank you for listening to me vent for I am at a loss?if anyone know what to do please help.