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05-23-2013, 11:07 PM
Game-breaking bug:
Stuck in Temer's office after attempting to start "The Helix". Long story short: completed the intro parts (outfit and ship customization), picked up starter gear, talked to the mission giver and beamed up to ship to start "The Helix". After beaming up, mission log is empty, no active mission is shown, no objective indication. Tried to return to Romulan Flottila to get the mission "jump-started" somehow, but mission giver refuses to talk to my character, and after entering Temer's office, I cannot leave it as the turbolift gives an error message: "[InteractionFailed] You are not ready to explore the Flotilla. Speak with Temer." Obviously, I cannot speak to Temer. Beam to ship button is greyed out.