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05-24-2013, 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by gfreeman98 View Post
Question about the tagging mission:

So I try to team with random people to do the tagging, as advised. Sometimes this goes well, everybody gets 4 tags, no problem. Other times however, I see people dropping out of the team early, and believe this reduces the count I get and the rest of us do NOT get 4 tags. So they get full credit and split, and we get shafted.

Q: Does the timer start at the same time for everyone on the team? At first I thought it did, now I'm not so sure.

I run down the little buggers until the timer expires. Am I being a noob? Should I bail early if I think I've gotten enough?
Unfortunately, I can't help too much regarding jerky players if they are doing that.

Though if they are leaving and you are losing out on the full amount of tags, that might in fact be a bug and you may want to look into filing a report.

Yes, the timer does indeed start at the exact same time for a whole team. So be careful if you all aren't ready and in position.

As long as you see that you have at least 30 epohhs at any point, you do not need anymore. Past that, it's your choice. Might be good to keep going till the time is out, if you continue to deal with the aforementioned jerky-players.

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