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05-24-2013, 12:10 AM
The alien beings facemask projected a simplistic holographic smile "I thank you for hospitality, The universal translater is having difficulties with my name, the best aproximation would be XikJal, I am here to observe your culture so that my people can best prevent unfortunate misunderstandings. You are parts of the federations Space Military? what exactly is Star-fleet.

Telepathic analyses of the being revealed that its mind was at least partially artificial in composition yet the artificial portions of the brain appeared to be modelled after humanoids, it would be hard to guess, but despite having just discovered warp-flight the beings race had advanced understanding of cybernetics and biotechnology, and the artificial portions of its brain were designed to allow it to emulate human behavior better, almost like a computer emulating another operating system. no clear gender identity could be determined from close examination.

"So far, I am quite impress by what I have seen, your starships are much larger, and your artificial gravity is awe inspiring"