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05-24-2013, 12:24 AM
ok, Warning!!!
it is not a joke, Red Alert!!!

I tried all the settings in browser.
so I went to one of online "pay on line" which this PW recommended.

so I tried and sign up with "Click and Buy", and it failed to process because they have no tool to reset "personal profile" when I found their error, they put double middle names, and I had to cancel, and cant readjust because they want me to get newer email.

later I woke up, I got 27 unwanted spams flooding my email.
they have violated privacy act, I had warn them not to use and if I get more spam, I will file lawsuit for amount of 100,000 dollars per each spam, now I don't know what up now, maybe they pulled back and stop?

staff of PW, please make more friendly buy online service, these guys are terrible and prone for hackers, I would say, not to deal with specific buy online services with "3rd party sites" companies.

I am still getting error with browser setting, so I am going back to fix my internet option back to where it was suppose to protect.
PW people, you are asking for another trouble by making others to expose private clients to unprotected settings.
I have changed my CC 3 times last year, it not funny to wait for next card.

CC visa card is not MTG collectable cards.
my local stores don't carry PW pre-paid cards and one of store had them and refuse to sell because they were told those cards were frauds or hacked as soon it hit on register.

well, I guess it time to fix my browser setting....