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05-24-2013, 01:30 AM
[quote=breadandcircuses;10289031]Oh, the Plasmonic Leech isn't game-breaking; my problem with the release of the Plasmonic Leech is entirely timing and trade balance. The Leech is a very handy tool to balance the power level issues a Warbird suffers from, and even with the buff to match a High Yield (of unspecified strength) the Ionized Gas Sensor is not really that useful in comparison.

As far as the T5 or Fleet Exeter idea I've seen around, I have to agree that a cruiser that turns would very much make my Federation Engineer happy... the poor guy has to fly a Chel Grett to be able to turn, and the Exeter looks way cooler. Though aesthetics are a matter of personal taste, and I don't care that much about RP, it is nice to fly a ship from your own faction. Unfortunately, the KDF is extremely limited in the number of hulls to choose from, and really could use the expanded repetoire more than the Federation.[/QUOTE]

Unless you happen to be fighting cloakers. And now there is a whole faction with battle cloak.

2 new bop's so far. They may even start releasing more depending on if the KDF actualy starts buying some of whats there.
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