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05-24-2013, 03:36 AM
Originally Posted by zipagat View Post
Plus do you seriously think that we are going to literally jump ship so quickly because more shinies are in the game? The KDF player base has put up with and stuck together during worse times. We are not some shallow feddie going ooo shiny every time we see an asteroid. That and my character is 3 years old I wouldn't abandon him for anything.

Oh if you want the short answer itsb because the KDF is awesome both in terms of lore and story and background and in the community. Plus someone has to save the quadrant while the federation sits around doing nothing.
^ This, as much as Cryptic secretly behind the scenes hopes that we will go away, give up or convert to the Federation. Us KDF players have stuck it out and will continue to do so. We won't go away and won't quiet down until faction equality occurs and remains.

LoR content was a step in the right direction but only the bare minimum was done and many of us do believe it was only so they could publicly say that they have 3 factions all of which can be started at level 1 as a players first character.

The next season will show us all whether the content will continue to develop for the KDF or was it a one off publicity stunt. No matter what the future holds us KDF players will continue the fight for faction uniqueness (which seems to be all but no existence these days apart from some missions) and equality.

I have characters in both main factions and next week I'll be rolling a Romulan after the main hype has settled down and the servers become more stable. So no one can say I am only a KDF player, but I do have to say the best gameplay, community and fun can be had on the KDF side.

As many have said in this thread, there is a lot the KDF can offer players and some very good reasons to play the KDF too. If a player can't see this, the must just hate the Klingons for no good reason, and for those people I truly feel sorry for as they are denying themselves the best part of STO. It's like buying a 4WD and only driving it on the road and in the city, never taking it into the bush with the mud.
Support the Game by Supporting the KDF, equality and uniqueness for all factions!