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05-24-2013, 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by gojored View Post
NO..He IS right, there was an unintended consequence in game mechanics because of the EPTx "fix". I flew nothing BUT elites and with very good teams that often worked the estf's down to 5-7 min. today i felt like we were the stf version of the keystone kops. It was awful. instakils simultaneously to several of us (not grouped together) in different planes of approach. Methinks you love the new EPTx so much you have to get defensive, and a bit angry as well.
Observe. Learn. Adapt. NPCs now actually yielding noticeable buffs from their abilities isn't some monumental difficulty ramp up. It just means you need to plan for slightly more than pew pewing everything in sight.

Having to think about your tactics once or twice during an STF as opposed to doing nothing but mashing the Tac Team and autofire buttons is far from a bad thing.