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05-24-2013, 05:55 AM
I'm not a great player (I do ok, I guess), but from my experience, it is a bit frustrating at times, but this is one that really needs for people to know what to do and work as a team. Firstly, you need to be in between the two vessels, so they will no longer hit you with the lance weapon. Then you need to watch out for the plasma torpedo and fire on it. People should watch out for themselves but also try to fire on it when it's going against other players. And also, keep in mind that the little regeneration spheres are top priority when launched or they will repair the vessels.
I've been to a few in which people just fire on the vessels and forget all the rest and then even leave because it's "too tough" or because and optional is failed. Making it even tougher or impossible for the people who stay.

P.S. 60000 hull or 10000 means pretty much the same, the torpedo makes over 200000 damage. One hit kill anything as far as I know